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The deep buzz of bumblebees as they move from flower to flower is surely the sound of Summer.

As well as being a joy to see they are also important pollinators of crops and wildflowers, helping to keep our diets varied and our countryside colourful. But bumblebees are struggling and numbers are dropping with species going extinct, due to a huge loss of bee-friendly habitat.

We’re working with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust to make more habitats for bumblebees here at MountainView, and the area in front of you was originally deer fenced to allow the creation of a wildflower meadow but we went one better, and with the help of some wonderful volunteers from DHL, we have constructed a ‘hedge for nature’ from over 1500 young trees and shrubs.

Once this had grown sufficiently, the deer won’t get access, we can remove the fencing and still plant a lovely bee-friendly area!